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Welcome to the Porter Family!

Let's have another crappy Christmas!

The Porter Family
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Porter Family
Talk about anything to do with 2point4 Children, what the actors are doing now. Post Icons, fanfiction, etc!

- Be nice to fellow members! ^__^
- With Icons, fanfictions and stuff like that, use a LJ Cut.
Not really any other rules! XDDDD;
1991, alex kew, andrew marshall, annette kerr, aunt belle, aunt tina, auntie pearl, bad christmas, barbara lott, belinda lang, ben porter, bette, bill porter, christine, christmas, clare buckfield, comedy, david porter, declan, dora grimes, gary olsen, georgina cates, gerry, jenny porter, john pickard, julia hills, kim benson, leonard o'malley, liz smith, london, millenium, mine field, nan, pig, porter, ray polhill, rona, sandra dickinson, tom roberts, tony, uk, united kingdom